Friday, July 31, 2015

What If...?

As we celebrate this very special Blue Moon, it seems like the perfect time to share this piece I wrote as a gift to a group of Malcolm Shabazz City High School seniors.  Enjoy!

                                            What If….
What if…. every person on the planet was born with a special gift to share?    Then….you have a gift to share too.
What if….each person’s gift is like a puzzle piece and when all the pieces are in place, we will have heaven on earth?     Then….you can help change the world just by being you.
What if….everything that happens to you is somehow preparing you to share your special gifts?    Then….there would be no shame in where you came from, what you’ve done, what you haven’t done, or what’s been done to you.  Even mistakes would be perfect because there are no mistakes.
What if….your special gifts are the things you love to do most?  And to find those gifts all you have to do is listen to your heart?      Then….your special gift is within reach.
What if….you can’t feel or hear your heart?     Then…. it is probably clouded with doubt, anger, regret, disappointment or hurt.
What if….all you have to do to clear the clouds from your heart is forgive?  Forgive the people who hurt you.  Forgive life for disappointing you.  Cry out the hurt…scream out the anger…breath out the doubt … let go of the past….take deep breaths.       Then….a clear heart is within reach.
What if….your soul had a plan all laid out for you before you were born?  And the plan guides you to your favorite dreams?       Then….all your dreams can come true.
What if… all you have to do to follow the plan is AGREE, then look for signs telling you which way to go?        Then….creating your dreams is simple, but takes commitment.
What if… started each day saying, “I AGREE to the next steps on my plan”?    Then….you would know that you are always making progress toward your dreams.
What if….you don’t know where to begin?         Then….you should begin where you can.  Do what you already know how to do.  Start anywhere and follow it everywhere – remember, the whole universe is helping you get there.
What if….you discover what it is you love the most, but fears get in the way?    Then….you will call on the faith and courage inside you.  And you will remember that you are never alone.
What if….you get stuck along the way?      Then….you will ask for help and the universe will send it.  It might be a person, an idea, an experience, or a sign, but if you ask for it, help will appear.
What if…. getting stuck, failing, losing, and getting disappointed all happens on purpose so that when you are ready to share your gifts, you will be wise, strong, and compassionate toward others who are struggling?    Then….getting stuck, failing, losing and getting disappointed would be worth it.
What if….your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts are creating your moment-by-moment reality?      Then….you will choose empowering beliefs, good feelings, and positive thoughts on your own behalf.  Sometimes fears or doubts will come up, but you will breathe deeply and send them on their way.
What if….doing what you love attracts everything you need – money, love, wisdom, joy?     Then….you have no excuses for not doing what you love.
What if….all of this is true?     Then….you have everything you need to live your dreams.  What are you waiting for?  .  Start creating heaven on earth!
 What if…. you are reading this because your gifts are calling you?

       © 2012 Written by Carla Berg/Inspired by Greg McNaughton

Friday, July 3, 2015


From the moment you are born, life experiences are embedding impressions, beliefs, and conclusions in your subconscious mind.  Even what happens while you are in the womb or the circumstances around your birth can have a profound effect on your life.  I once mentioned this in a lecture and afterward a woman excitedly told me that she’d just figured out why she’d always had a deep sense of rejection, as if the world didn’t want her here.  She went on to describe her birth experience.  When her mother was in the final stages of labor, the hospital had called her doctor, but because he didn’t want to interrupt his dinner, he instructed the nurse to stall the labor.  With each contraction, as the baby kept trying to push her way out, the nurse would push her back in. Is it any wonder that despite having loving parents and a love-filled childhood, she’d always felt unwanted?  Her very first attempt to greet the world was met with rejection.  In addition to life-long neck problems, these circumstances created life-long emotional problems too. 

It is a wonderful feeling to discover an explanation for why we are the way we are, and even better to discover that we can change something if we want to.  We can’t change what happened at the time of our birth, but we can change the conclusions we formed.  And more importantly, we can always, always give ourselves what we need – even if we didn’t get it as a child.  I’d like to show you how and give you a chance to experience it.  I call this “Remaking History”.  It is a way to consciously embed a positive, loving belief in your subconscious mind to make up for something you didn’t get when you were young.  In this example, it will be a sense of belonging.  Let me provide a little background before we get to the meditation.

In the course of my work, I’ve noticed that very few people have a true sense of belonging.  By that, I mean a sense that they are wanted in this world, that there is a place for them, that the world looked forward to their arrival, welcomed them and is happy that they, specifically, (as much as any other human on earth) are here; that they have a right to be here and a say in what happens on this planet.  Many people may say this is true on an intellectual level, but very few FEEL it’s true.  Imagine how our world would be different if everyone felt they belonged?  People would carry a deeper sense of responsibility for what happens locally and globally.  They would more freely pursue their passions and the contributions they could make.  They’d be less bound by insecurity and self-doubt.  They could relax into self-acceptance and more easily accept others as they realize they have a right to be here too. 

Some cultures have customs or rituals designed to embed a sense of belonging from the very start.  For those who weren’t blessed with that kind of beginning, here is a guided meditation.  It’s just a few minutes long, but it can have a profound impact in rewriting your history.  You’ll know by the way you feel.  Here's the link:   Guided Meditation to Deepen Your Sense of Belonging

 (This is a much more powerful experience if you use headphones to listen)