Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Beginning of a Movement

Imagine a pebble dropping into a pond. See the ripples spreading in rings away from the center of the PLOP! We all have the ability to create that same effect each time we raise our awareness and shift our vibration. If I let go of a low-vibe energy, like powerlessness or unworthiness, I raise my vibration and the vibration of the energy around me. That creates the potential for those people near me to raise theirs, as well as those around them, and so on. Simply stated, I can change the world by changing myself.

Join me, and many, many others, in a movement to raise our collective vibration, one person, one issue, one shift at a time. About once a week or so I’ll draw a card from one of the divination decks on and whatever issue the cards guide us to, we will work through together. Trust the magic as we join hearts and move mountains.

This Week's Issue:  Fear of Success
This week’s issue comes from the Divine Demons deck. The cards in this deck go deep to clear away fears, doubts, and limiting patterns that have served as obstacles in your life. This simple, yet powerful, tool will take you on a journey of self-discovery and bring you closer to True You.
Real, lasting success is a natural outcome of living your life authentically. If you are willing to receive it, it comes with an endless stream of goodness flowing to you for remembering who you are, living in a manner in which you are true to your self, operating from your heart, building your dreams around love, not fear, and doing things that benefit the whole. As such, success can provide deep satisfaction and can exist in any profession, any relationship, and in all aspects of life.

It sounds wonderful, so why would anyone resist it? Several factors influence our ability to allow success into our lives: whether it feels safe, it aligns with our values, and it matches our sense of worthiness. It’s not a question of whether we can be successful – we know we can – it is a question of whether we can accept it.

While it is typically treated as something to admire and aspire to, at the same time success may be treated unkindly, with jealousy or scorn. Society frequently scrutinizes successful people, looking for flaws, testing their integrity, finding ways to tear them down, assessing whether they have paid their dues or earned their achievements. Even loved ones and supporters may resent the success of another. Depending on our own experiences, success may feel unsafe to us.

Mixed messages abound around success. On one hand we are told to dream – that anything is possible – and on the other hand we have clich├ęs telling us You can’t have everything' or 'All good things must come to an end. We have expectations to live up to our full potential, but feel held back by family or societal norms telling us it is wrong to stand out or rise above the crowd. We may be encouraged to reap the rewards of hard-earned success, yet told that it is greedy or immoral to have more than we need or more than others have. Is it any wonder we are stuck or confused?

Success means achieving desired results, which may be accompanied by love, money, status, ideas, praise, recognition, meaningful work, or any form of goodness. Although receiving goodness sounds like the easiest task in the world, for those who stop short of loving themselves completely, or those whose values conflict, receiving can be very difficult. If you are not finding success in your life, look at your relationship with your self. The way you treat your self is the way the universe treats you. If you reward your self, rewards will flow to you. If you believe you must give more than you receive, you will receive less than you give. If you love yourself unconditionally and believe yourself worthy, you will easily and openly receive success and all that comes with it.

If you have drawn this card, you are ready to let go of old versions of yourself to embrace new, bolder versions of who you are. You are ready to remove obstacles to success and let the goodness that you deserve flow into your life.

Now that you have raised this issue to a conscious level, you have the opportunity to create meaningful change in your life by resolving it.

Insights about the Issue:  Fear of Success
Lasting success comes in small steps: first an inspiration, then an action, then progress at a pace that you can handle. Your heart always knows what to do next, but often something buried within you puts on the brakes just as you are on the brink of a breakthrough. It isn’t success you fear, but the changes that come with success. The fear of the unknown, of isolation or loss of identity…what will happen to “Me” if I allow this change to arrive? Will I lose friends or distance myself from loved ones? Am I opening myself to attention I don’t want, like resentment, jealousy, criticism? Look at how society or the media treats successful people -- do I want that? What if I really am so powerful that I can create whatever I want? Can I handle that power?

If you are reading this message, it is time to release fears, doubts or limiting beliefs that serve as unconscious obstacles to success.

Honor yourself by taking a moment to invite those obstacles to come forward and reveal themselves. They may emerge all at once or gradually over the next few days. You’ll know when the time is right, and when it is, first renew your commitment to yourself, to being all of who you are. Then ask unexpressed feelings to surface so that you can unlock and release fears and doubts forever. Breathe, breathe, breathe those feelings, allowing them to flow freely, up and out. Notice the grip of fear tighten, then loosen, as you gently breathe in and out whatever comes to the surface. You are setting yourself free…free to be true you…all of you. And when you do so, you make it possible for others to do the same.

If you want to dig deeper into this issue, or related issues, use the Standard Transformation Exercises from Divine Demons: Reclaiming the Power of Your Destiny. They will guide you through deeper exploration.

Bless you. Bless movement.
Carla Berg

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